Monday, July 11, 2011

Haiku Chain from class

Set me free to roam
the skies and hills all alone-
hawks soar above us -me

Flapping and flapping
I find my strength from the sun
and soar across the land -classmate 1

I flap my wings as
I soar to each fluffy cloud
Oh no! I'm falling! - classmate 2

As I fall I scream
Spinning frantically, falling
Green grass hit my face - classmate 3

When I recover,
lying face up I see clouds.
What strange shapes they are. -classmate 4

floating across skies-
people the universe wide
wonder what they'll see -me

will they see the stars?
twinkling throughout the night
or stop at the sky? -classmate 1

Stars at their brightest
Can I? Should I make a wish?
To float through the sky -classmate 2

As dawn comes to dusk
I have failed to make that wish
Sun! Please set again. -classmate 3

Oh sun! I begin
to understand why the world
once thought you a god. -classmate 4

I await the moon's rise

for destruction, creation
your whims we endure -me

Falling in ashes,
or rising in stardom, the
earth will keep turning -classmate 1

Revolving Earth waits
Eagerly for each season
Change is upon us -classmate 2

Summer, Spring, Winter..
Fall, four seasons, all in all
change is constant, forever. --classmate 3

Nature, I'm victim
to your prowess. I await
your change, earnestly. - classmate 44

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