Monday, July 11, 2011

Haiku Chain from class

Set me free to roam
the skies and hills all alone-
hawks soar above us -me

Flapping and flapping
I find my strength from the sun
and soar across the land -classmate 1

I flap my wings as
I soar to each fluffy cloud
Oh no! I'm falling! - classmate 2

As I fall I scream
Spinning frantically, falling
Green grass hit my face - classmate 3

When I recover,
lying face up I see clouds.
What strange shapes they are. -classmate 4

floating across skies-
people the universe wide
wonder what they'll see -me

will they see the stars?
twinkling throughout the night
or stop at the sky? -classmate 1

Stars at their brightest
Can I? Should I make a wish?
To float through the sky -classmate 2

As dawn comes to dusk
I have failed to make that wish
Sun! Please set again. -classmate 3

Oh sun! I begin
to understand why the world
once thought you a god. -classmate 4

I await the moon's rise

for destruction, creation
your whims we endure -me

Falling in ashes,
or rising in stardom, the
earth will keep turning -classmate 1

Revolving Earth waits
Eagerly for each season
Change is upon us -classmate 2

Summer, Spring, Winter..
Fall, four seasons, all in all
change is constant, forever. --classmate 3

Nature, I'm victim
to your prowess. I await
your change, earnestly. - classmate 44

Saturday, June 18, 2011

musings in an online class (creative writing)

It's funny how assignments, especially online, can trigger the most amusing responses. And spark a moment of creative fun. I'll post the example below that started my musing. I wonder if and why we feel more free to banter :) and respond on class discussion boards with faceless screens than IN class. I believe so and can almost understand why.. still passing strange no?

From an assignment- my post (An ars poetica)~>

From where does poetry come...?

Endless hours of labor

perfecting one small poem,

or a pouring of the soul

in minutes, seconds, less?

What does it matter I ask?!

Poetry is not so simply defined

as by verse and meter,

or the way it rhymes.

Poetry is the language of the soul,

and in crying out

its wishes to be heard—

only then can the best be crafted.

After all I wonder….

Would you read of an apple,

sitting on a table?

Or of its growth, its life…

It’s fall from home and ended strife?

classmates response~>

Well done. You have won my favor. Would the "ended strife" of the apple represent the eating of the apple? I banter.

and my response in turn~>

I think perhaps the ending of strife

is best described as nothing more

than an ending of life.

How then would it come...?

By decay or feast-

we all eventually succumb....

Truly the end is many ways contrived

but I find the part most often discussed

is the way in which we lived.

Thanks guys for the replies!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Long time gone...

I like that song and it seems oddly appropriate! I'd all but forgotten I had a blog, life gets busy sometimes I suppose. Yet if it didn't... it would probly be pretty boring :)

I feel....
the crush of grass
dried in summer heat,
cobblestone sidewalks
beneath my feet,
pounding out my run-
beat by beat.

Suck in the night air
fill your lungs till you burst,
as you push beyond
your limits....
and yourself.

Sweat dripping,
skin on fire,
lost in a world outside youself;
was ephemeral,
back to basics-
with the wind beneath your feet.

was a good night.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random passerbys in our lives and the contemplation they cause.. :P

So I spent the past three days doing testing, go me! lol. I'm leaning more towards engineering this fall I think. I want to look more into the types, though I have it narrowed down to three. Anyways, I was struck at the end of todays work with how we meet those random people at times. The ones we converse with, share our lives with as if they were a good friend and then whatever project or thing you were working on that brought about said introduction is over. And you realize later that day that you won't see them again most likely, except perhaps by luck or chance.
Strange to think of how we become friends of a sort with people and then move on days or weeks later. Never thinking to get contact info or anything of the sort to continue the aquaintanceship unless by chance you remember quite a bit later after all is said and done. A few months later you might even find yourself asking, I wonder how such and such is doing. Then pause a moment in contemplation and move on thinking nothing more of it.
I find upon closer inspection of such happenstance that humans can be quite the fickle creature. Ever in search of change. New things, new ideas, forgetting in this quest that perhaps we should stop and look a little harder, try to keep touch with what we've seen and done, people we meet by random design. These things we leave behind in the dust and cobwebs of memory, thinking it of no real importance. But if we were to take that chance, retain and look a little harder... perhaps we would have found something worthwhile later on.... a lifelong friendship, an opportunity led to down the line brought about by forgotten knowledge... and yet, we shall never know cuz on and on we rush... never even realizing we do so.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


peace surrounds me in this eternal night as the wind caresses my body, and fills my mind with the whispers of trees swaying from its touch .

darkened shadows hide the unseen yet faded memories remain waiting for a touch to awaken them once more.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So my daughter has taken to calling me 'mom' the past few days as opposed to 'mommy' or 'momma'. Makes me feel old. hehe. She's not quite three, so I was hoping to have more of the 'little' baby time. I guess kids just grow up faster than we expect though. I'm not sure why this one thing seems to mark a more grown up change in her as opposed to say her speaking in complete sentences with decent grammer. ( Which she's been able to do for awhile now). It just seems as though this one thing, so inconsequential in the long run, marks her as a older child, no longer a baby or a toddler. And in some ways it saddens me, this feeling of my baby, my little pixie, growing up and moving on. Strange what stands out to us sometimes....

On another note i have a two and half and a four yr old now begging for attention so I should probably go before i need a demolition crew to undo the damage XD lol

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alive? why yes XD

So hello out there, I seem to still be alive and kicking. Though I admit rather silent lately. I've been dealing with a lot of things and just haven't seemed to find the time to sit down and just write. Most of it has been dealing with medicare and medicaid and yelling at them. Which of course is just tooonnnsss of fun (note sarcasm). I've also been coordinating with my DARS counselor about getting evaluated to see if I can go back to work (i'm on disability). None of which is really all THAT important... I just felt the need to explain why I'd dropped off the face of the earth. XD Just so you know I should start dropping some more posts here soon to entertain you. Some of which will probly be my current thoughts on our governments idea of health care and disabled services as I have been dealing with those as of late and find them to have a few gaping holes. Or maybe not... it all depends.


Till the rain drums down
upon scorched earth,
I shall hide myself away
from eternity's sweet light,
as i wait with bated breath
for the return
of night's loving embrace.